Drink Our Coffee, established in 2014, provides offices and businesses, high quality, cost efficient, sustainable, and easy to use coffee machine for employees and customers.

The Drink Our Coffee experience – includes the high tech, touch screen machine, fresh roasted beans, superior powder products and top-notch service – offers a wide variety of drinks, so that everyone can enjoy a combination of their choice.

Our Approach

Choose. Brew. Enjoy.

Our approach – Providing the Machine, High Quality Products, and taking responsibility for Cleaning, Maintaining and Servicing, combined with No Upfront Cost, and in most cases No Contract, along with an electronic counter per cup billing – is unique and convenient for our customers.

We work hard and take pride in keeping our customers happy. Our goal is to be the premier office and business coffee service provider.


Drink Our Coffee cares about the environment and provides a friendly service to that effect. The only waste produced from the machine is used coffee grounds, which can be used in compost and is an excellent “green” Nitrogen source. Our coffee service can contribute to your company’s Green program or can be a great start to one.